I Fuel NY

by team blipshift hearts NY
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Superstorm Sandy walloped the East Coast. Flood and wind damage was only made worse with long gas lines and nobody likes lines. We gas up for fun on the average day but today many need gas just to get home or stay warm. Help us support those most in need!

Shirt Color: Tire Smoke White
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I Fuel NY
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  • Name: team blipshift hearts NY
  • Location: waiting in line
The Skinny
We love cars, we love the NY area, it's our home. We were pretty bummed to see cars floating around Manhattan and even sadder to see the devastation on the NY/NJ/CT coasts. Yeah, losing power for a few days sucks, but it doesn’t come close to losing your home or even worse. We want to do what we can to help those most in need rebuild. We hope you’ll join us! All net proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be donated to the American Red Cross to aid those in need.