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Inlinefourus Rex

by Panos Stamo
In the world of naked bikes, there was always a super predator in the group. Holding the top spot in the food chain was no easy feat. This predator rose to the top equipped with a four cylinder heart that gave it an advantage over lesser prey.

Idea by William Morrow
Shirt Color: Jurrasic Grey
Sale ended: 10-05-2016
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Inlinefourus Rex
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Panos Stamo
  • Location: Athens, Greece
  • Website/FB: Redbubble
Artist Profile
Panos is a young Greek artist taking his first steps into the world of art. He is passionate about painting and sketching, and has worked with many shops and Youtubers as a professional designer. In his free time he loves playing video games, watching movies, and reading comics. His dream is to one day get a purple Lamborghini.
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