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Iron Heart

by Robert Colosi
You know that dude in the office who can do everything? Meetings, projects, last second lunch runs - they're reliable, can get things done quickly, and they always have their priorities in line. Their business card just has the initials J and Z, but apparently he's the 2nd. Don't worry, he'll be hanging around for a while, but don't mess with him. He can decimate all.
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Shirt Color: Can't blow it up blue
Posters: What's the deal?
Tags: 2J, 2JZ, I6, Inline 6, Iron Block, Japanese, Modding, Straight 6, Tuner, Turbo
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Iron Heart
That's A Paddlin'
by Richard Viard
Artist Specs
  • Name: Robert Colosi
  • Location: South Dennis, MA
  • Website/FB: Robert Colosi
Artist Profile
Robert Colosi loves cars. He originally started making designs for himself to wear, but the encouragement of many enthusiasts prompted him to start making designs for as many iconic engine niches as possible. If you'd like to see more designs or contact him for design work, you can reach him on Facebook.
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