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It's Bigger on the Inside

by Ernest Peidro
While most British car owners would benefit from a Doctor (or rather a Mechanic), this transverse triumph of engineering offered quite the roomy experience despite its diminutive appearance.
Shirt Color: Royal Standard Blue
Sale ended: 09-23-2018
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The Final Lap
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It's Bigger on the Inside
Crown and Caliper
by Mycak Sames
Artist Specs
  • Name: Ernest Peidro
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
Artist Profile
Ernest may have a passionate 30 years experience in graphic design, but what he really loves is motorsports. F1, MotoGP, NASCAR, doesn't matter as long as there's the smell of burnt rubber! He's also a football fan who follows FC Barcelona and Messi, and enjoys racing with a "Reynard Community" team on iRacing.