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J Spec

by Jeff Lane
What's that under the hood? A wood-burning stove, basically. When the big one hits (or a zombie apocalypse), you can say "f that!" and let one of the most reliable things since the invention of the wheel take you wherever you want. Something about 40s and freedom, right?

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Shirt Color: Go adventure grey
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Tags: 40, adventure, fj, Japanese, land cruiser, offroad
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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J Spec
All Wheel Dive
by Komang Puja
Artist Specs
  • Name: Jeff Lane
  • Location: Eagle River, WI
  • Website/FB: Deviantart
Artist Profile
With over 20 years experience in graphic design, Jeff’s first love is art, especially vector art. He got his start drawing cars when competing in a t-shirt competition by the publisher of a car magazine. He's kept at it for the pure enjoyment. Jeff loves the outdoors; hunting, gardening, and cutting down trees to look too busy for household chores.
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