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by Curtis March
Anyone who's ever owned this German fob knows the feeling of wielding a miniature weapon. While most of the time you're more likely to impale your own leg, it's hard to stop the spring once das Switchblade takes over. Just be cool and no one gets fobbed.
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Shirt Color: Heather Blade
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Tags: blade, das, fob, golf, key, switchblade, vw
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Curtis March
  • Location: Mesa, AZ
  • Website/FB: Volkwear
Artist Profile
Curtis is graphic designer for a small clothing company he started with a friend called VolkWear. Specializing in all things veedub, Curtis is stoked to have a chance to show off some of his designs. His love for cars started when he was really young, and upon growing up his first car was an 86' Chevy Camaro. At the time it was his daily driver and has since become his track toy. It's now sporting an LS3 motor making double the original power.
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