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Kimi Resume

by Gábor Vida

Q: Kimi, you're late for this job interview.
KR: Yeah. I was having a shit.
Q: Uh, OK...What are your strengths?
KR: I am a bit lazy sometimes.
Q: Maybe you'd like a pen for notes?
KR: leavemealoneiknowwhatimdoing
Q: Why do you keep looking at the bowl over there?
KR: I collect walnuts.

Shirt Color: Racing Slick Black
Tags: Kimi Raikkonen
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Artist Profile
Team blipshift thinks Gábor's designs featuring silhouettes of generations of iconic cars (his "Silhouette History" series) are pretty awesome. So much so that we asked him to collaborate on this week's design celebrating the return of the Iceman. Be sure to check out Gábor's other work available for sale at his own site,