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Kimi Resume III

by Gábor Vida
Q: Kimi, you're late for this job interview. KR: Yeah. I was having a shit. Q: Uh, OK...What are your strengths? KR: I am a bit lazy sometimes. Q: Maybe you'd like a pen for notes? KR: leavemealoneiknowwhatimdoing Q: Why do you keep looking at the bowl over there? KR: I collect walnuts.
Shirt Color: Revved Up Resume Red
Sale ended: 10-23-2018
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Kimi Resume III
Pit Happens
by Eduardo Ely
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Ever since he remembers, Gábor has been drawing, mainly cars. Although he has never gotten too close to the automotive industry, he just hasn’t stopped drawing cars. In the 2000s he switched to digital, retouching car photos into different models and customized cars. That was the beginning of virtual tuning in Hungary – he founded in 2001, which remains one of the biggest virtual tuning communities. A few years ago Gábor started to improved his skills and returned to paper and pencil, drawing realistic cars and bikes. His latest project returns to digital: he composes designs with silhouettes of generations of iconic cars, which can be seen on his website.
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