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Lido Of The Pack

by Chris Holewski

Insta-classic. Iacocca made it. Shelby made it famous. No one made it cool, it came that way, stock.

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Shirt Color: Black
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Tags: 64.5, classic, convertible, ford, lee iacocca, mustang, pony
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Lido Of The Pack
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Double Shot
by Hakem Saqal
Artist Specs
  • Name: Chris Holewski
  • Location: NJ
Artist Profile
Christopher Holewski makes stencil artwork. He's been creating artwork using stencils for many years, and he's developed a great love for designing stencils, x-acto knives, and spray paint. To learn more about him, how he makes his artwork or maybe snag an awesome print for your man cave, check out his website at