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by Aaron Hillsdon
Few cars made such an impact on history. Legendary wheel to wheel battles all underscored by a simple clean minimal livery. Do ya look at modern cars and lust for the good old days? Well, the glory days are here (on your torso) again!
Shirt Color: Rocket Red
Sale ended: 12-06-2016
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Aaron Hillsdon
  • Location: Seville Grove, Australia
  • Website/FB: Draws Your Car
Artist Profile
Aaron Hillsdon is based in Perth, Western Australia, and a passion for drawing cars has been with him since he could write his name. Over the last two years, Aaron has re-kindled his childhood enthusiasm for automotive art—with a distinctly Japanese and European flavour! Starting on Reddit, he also now channels his efforts intoInstagram, and sells prints, posters and shirts online.