NaCl Life

by Jesse Shipe
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Speed is coursing through your veins. The salt is calling you. Test your mettle and push the very limits of physics to its breaking point. Own the salt... or wind up salty. Note: featured design will not arrive in time for Xmas
Shirt Color: Salt White
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NaCl Life
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Jesse Shipe
  • Location: Montoursville, PA
  • Website/FB: Shipe Design
Artist Profile
Jesse is a full-time web designer, graphic artist, and illustrator with 10W-30 in his veins. When he's not drawing cars, he enjoys wrenching on his early Ford hot rods and carving country roads in his SN-95 Cobra. He's a firm believer that there is no finer sound on earth than an unmuffled flathead engine.