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No Baggage Fees

by Jordan Bezugly
3 hour flight but you show up 2 hours early then wait another 2 for bags. There's a better use of Bernoulli's Principle. Flip the wing and then you gotta go faster to hit the high speed apex... or drive upside down. Earning Downforce Alliance miles is way more fun, plus you don't have a kid kicking the back of your seat, and no baggage fees.
Shirt Color: The Sky is Navy Blue
Sale ended: 10-7-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Jordan Bezugly
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
Artist Profile
Jordan is currently a computer engineering student at McMaster University with an undying love for everything automotive... When he's not studying or working he's either working on his car, gaming, or hanging out with his family, his girlfriend, or his friends.