Not 4gotten

by Shannan Jones
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Talk about a barn-find. This missing link between the Japanese automaker's road cars and it's eventual 1991 win at Le Mans was nearly forgotten. But while this front-engined two-rotor may lack the fame of cars that proceeded it, it proved that the rotary's signature sound and racing aptitude were worth remembering.
Sale ended: 04-08-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Shannan Jones Location: Ontario, Canada Website/FB: @shannanjonesart

1974 Canadian. Runs ok, body all original, looks good from 10ft away. Slightly rusty, minor issues with handling, could use some rewiring. Otherwise mint.

Shannan is a husband, father, art director and graphic designer from Ontario, Canada. He is an equal opportunity car lover, whose 18 vehicle history includes a 68 Buick, VR6 Passat, Saab 9-3 and current Mazdaspeed 6. He enjoys working in vector and pixel mediums and began submitting art to support his tee habit.

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