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One More Lap II

by basch

There's nothing quite like exploring your limits and those of your car at a track. Of course, a most enjoyable way find a limit is to exceed it. Sometimes that ends harmlessly. Other times it results in a "learning opportunity". 

Shirt Color: Four Off Green
Sale ended: 08-01-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: basch
  • Location: NY
Artist Profile
Basch says racing is like poetry. Visor down thumbs up pit out accelerate threshold braking entry apex exit point-by overtaking 10/10ths contact patch slip angle lift recover decreasing radius off camber straightaway overtake sweeper rev-match blip shift corkscrew trailing throttle oversteer spin four off runoff two feet in brake pads tirewall yellow flag tow hook pit in. Repeat as necessary. Updated to match direction of travel at Laguna Seca. Features blipshift logo.