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Tags: Corkscrew, historic, hpde, Laguna Seca, Mazda, MRLS, racetrack, Raceway, racing

One More Lap III

by Basch

There's nothing quite like exploring your limits and those of your car at a track. Of course, a most enjoyable way find a limit is to exceed it. Sometimes that ends harmlessly. Other times it results in a "learning opportunity".

Shirt Color: Scholarly Blue
Sale ended: 04-09-2015
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Basch

  • Location: NY

Artist Profile
Basch says racing is like poetry.

Visor down thumbs up pit out accelerate threshold braking entry apex exit point-by overtaking 10/10ths contact patch slip angle lift recover decreasing radius off camber straightaway overtake sweeper rev-match blip shift corkscrew trailing throttle oversteer spin four off runoff two feet in brake pads tirewall yellow flag tow hook pit in.

Repeat as necessary.