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Oppo On

by Chris Meck
Carry too much speed in? On throttle too early? Wet patch on the apex? No problem, oppo is always there for you.

Hoodies, Long Sleeve shirts and Kid's are printed on heather grey with green lettering. bc otherwise green overload!
Shirt Color: Runoff Green
Sale ended: 11-14-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Chris Meck

  • Location: PA

Artist Profile
Chris is a full time web monkey/coder that enjoys a good craft beer as much as a perfect heel-toe. He lives on the east coast and is looking forward to some snow drifting this season. Free time consists of gaming, driving and doing all of his own auto maintenance. Oh yeah, and being a husband, too. (If his wife is reading this, not necessarily in that order.)