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Overland Anthem

by Dino Pros
You want a rig that can take you anywhere, and something like this is just the ticket. While it probably can't deliver you to the top of pop and Motown charts, it'll reliably get you anywhere short of that. If you're ever in trouble, send for some locking diffs on the double.

Idea by Bryce Nemeth
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Tags: 4wd, 4x4, comic, Exploration, Offroad, Overland, Overlanding, Truck
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Overland Anthem
by Antoine Plantevin
Artist Specs
  • Name: Dino Pros
  • Location: Republika Hrvatska, Croatia
  • Website/FB: @autopia_art
Artist Profile
Dino lives, breathes, photographs, watches, sketches, pixelates, and writes about cars, but among the many options this Croatian mechanical engineering graduate has for laser-focusing his zeal, it’s tee designs that he’s most enjoyed for combining his love for 4 wheels with his bill-paying-skillz as a graphic artist. Every penny goes into a piggy bank for buying his E46 dream car... read more!
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