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by Anthony McClinton
Ooo yeah, the van life. Mainstream manufacturers gained attention for including vacuum cleaners in their vans, but those of the van lifestyle figured out how to make a van homely ages ago. Give a man a van and you entertain him for a day. Teach a man to van, and he'll have a home for a lifetime (or at least a few years).
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Shirt Color: Sweeter than cream van life
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Tags: 4WD, Adventure Time, offroad, Ooo, overlanding, Sprinter, Van
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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That's A Paddlin'
by Richard Viard
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With dozens of designs to his name, half of which returned as resto-mods, blipshift veteran Anthony McClinton is no stranger. Now working in mechanical engineering after graduating from Northern Arizona University, this Subie guy enjoys anything that can indulge his outdoor pursuits like mountain biking and more!
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