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Pigs Fly II

by Eugene Fong
Did ya see it?!? Fastest damn bacon that ever was! I swear that lil' piggy was toppin 200 down that thar Mulssanesy whatchyamacall it straight!

Eerrrrmmmmmeeeerrrgggaaaahhhh heart bacon!!!!
Shirt Color: Pork Belly Red
Sale ended: 06-10-2018
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Eugene Fong
  • Location: Auckland, NZ
Artist Profile
Too cool for the northern hemisphere, Eugene lives in upside-down-land, where hurricanes get confused and spin the other way, birds can’t fly, and cars drive on the right side of the road (NOT the wrong side). Eugene can often be found in his natural habitat by the bus stop sulking about how public transport is never on time and contemplating why he still can’t drive.