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by Roy Andreas
Mid-century race cars were works of art in their own respect. Sheet metal hammered and bent into delicately thin graceful arches. 12 cylinders just barely contained by the coke bottle bodywork. Just remember to pick your jaw off of the floor when you're done oogling.
Shirt Color: Bare Sheet Metal Silver
Sale ended: 11-13-2016
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Sale ends in: 
Respect Your Elfers
by Chad Seip
Artist Specs
  • Name: Roy Andreas
  • Location: Paola, KS
  • Website/FB: Pedro & Co
Artist Profile
Roy Andreas, better known as “nopassn,” is a fan of, and can drive pretty much anything with wheels fast. Cars, trucks, planes, trains, you name it. Roy has owned a variety of go-fast machines. Currently the quickest car in the household is the Mrs' C4 Vette. Roy has plans to build what will be his third and final Nova - a '72, in the future. A Duramax plus a narrowed dually rear-end, tucked under tubbed Nova fenders ought to be pretty stupid. When Roy's not messing with cars/trucks/motorcycles, he enjoys spending time on his ranch with his donkeys; Pedro & Co.