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Rain, Rain, Go Away

by Chris Alexander
It's inevitable. The forecast says clear skies, 0% chance of rain. You take your time, get every little spec of tar, dirt and dust off. You clay bar, you compound, you apply two coats of wax. As soon as you've finished hand buffing that last piece of chrome it happens... "Was that a drop?"
Shirt Color: Rainy Skies blue
Sale ended: 09-24-2015
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Rain, Rain, Go Away
Dry Rubbin' Is Racin' II
by team blipshift
Artist Specs
  • Name: Chris Alexander
  • Location: TN
Artist Profile
Chris is a Graphic Artist and has been in the field for 20 years. He's dabbled in many different types of design but t-shirts are one of his favorites. He even had his own shirt line at one time for Greyhounds (retired racing dogs). In his spare time he loves getting out and attacking the twisties in his MINI Cooper S, spending time with his dogs (Greyhounds, of course!) and is a huge hockey fan.