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Rally, Rally Eviiil

by Jason Mauer
It stalks, patiently, waiting for the opportune moment. It's weapon of choice... the 4G63 lance. Spearheading the pressure filled attack is the mighty Mivecy, a morphing creature able to vary in size and shape! Run little subies... run!!!
Shirt Color: Dark Eviiil Grey
Sale ended: 12-22-2015
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The Final Lap
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Rally, Rally Eviiil
A New Challenger Approaches
by Matthew McCarthy
Artist Specs
  • Name: Jason Mauer
  • Location: IA
Artist Profile
Jason is currently a student at Iowa State University perusing a degree in Industrial Design with a minor in general business. He has a passion for automotives and loves to work on his 09 Lancer GTS (not quite an Evo, but it’ll do until he gets a full time job, ok?). He can spend hours talking about anything vehicle related: engines, transmissions, forced induction, body style, suspension, exhausts, you name it! When he’s not working on homework you can find him cruising the streets in his grey Lancer. He is more of a tuner guy, but also has respect for the classic muscle cars. Ya dig?