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Rockford and Roll

by Tim Klaassen
Though not taught in driver's ed, this is a necessary move if you deal with baddies on a day to day basis. You're driving along and all the sudden, boom they're there. Driving through isn't an option, so you have one letter to call on: J. Reverse, build up some momentum, fling it around town, and be on your way in classic 70s style.
Shirt Color: Bring it around black
Sale ended: 10-30-2019
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Rockford and Roll
Mud Brothers
by John Coughlin
Artist Specs
  • Name: Tim Klaassen
  • Location: Arlington Heights, IL
Artist Profile
Tim is from Arlington Heights, Illinois. He’s had a love for art and cars from an early age. He is lucky enough to turn his passions into a career as a Senior Art Director for an advertising agency in Chicagoland.