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Rolling Stock JDM

by Craig Pitman
Theres something to be said for an unmolested classic. To often older cars find themselves in the hands of youngsters who toss out those classic wheels in favor of something more crude. Save those Japanese alloys.
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Tags: alloys, Japanese, JDM, stock, stock wheels, wheels
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Rolling Stock JDM
by Alena Rowe
Artist Specs
  • Name: Craig Pitman
  • Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Website/FB: Craig Pitman
Artist Profile
Craig has always been fascinated with cars, drawing them since he could pick up a pencil. A background in cartography helped hone his vector skills, which were put to use as a graphic artist not long after, making vector drawings of anything with four wheels and an engine. Their popularity led to some t-shirt designs and the rest is history! More examples of his work can be found on his site, or for sale on iStockphoto.
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