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Rotary Reactor IV

by Blayde
The suit may change but it's still the same hero. If you're building a suit of armor fit for a superhero, you're gonna need a light and compact power source. You don't need to be a billionaire to find the perfect match either, just a spare Wankel. If the suit doesn't work out, use it for your ride. Puff your chest out to a bright light or the sun like a wrestler and it'll glow feebly in the dark. (Posters don't glow, not even feebly). 
Shirt Color: Power Blue
Sale ended: 09-25-2016
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He's not the Stig...but he is the Stig's Middle Eastern cousin. Growing up, Blayde was exposed to many different exotics which fueled his passion for cars. When not fixing commercial more!