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Rotary Reactor

by Blayde
The suit may change but it's still the same hero. If you're building a suit of armor fit for a superhero, you're gonna need a light and compact power source. You don't need to be a billionaire to find the perfect match either, just a spare Wankel. If the suit doesn't work out, use it for your ride.

16" x 16"

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Posters are Giclee printed with archival inks on heavy matte paper with a 1/4" white border and blipshift logo. We don't recommend hanging the finished work in direct sunlight. They're precious, like your eyes and Frodo's ring. We suggest hanging this masterpiece in your dingy garage. Posters are rolled and shipped in a durable cardboard tube, as you would expect.
The Final Lap
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Rotary Reactor
The Same But Different
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He's not the Stig...but he is the Stig's Middle Eastern cousin. Growing up, Blayde was exposed to many different exotics which fueled his passion for cars. When not fixing commercial more!