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Tags: Apex Everything, Driving Directions, Google Maps

Route Options

by team blipshift
Avoid Tolls. Avoid Highways. Avoid Ferries. All fine and good. But where's the "Maximize Fun" option? You'd think technology would have solved this problem by now. You listening, big G?

Until then, find your own route and Apex Everything.


Shirt Color: Your Route Blue (Navy)
Sale ended: 02-24-2014
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Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift

  • Location: NY

The Skinny
Idea credit: Matthew Christian. Matthew was the winner of the recent BS Apex 240 Hours of Everything contest with his map-tastic idea submission that sparked the imagination of team BS. Congrats, Matt!

Here's a free business idea for someone, probably worth like $19 billion: build us an "Apex Everything" routing option so we can all drive happy.