by Anthony Colard
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Nothing beats a purpose-built machine. Sure, you can rip out carpeting and sound deadening, replace springs and bearings, swap injectors and bolt on flares but it's still a far cry from the racecar that leaves the factory floor.
Sale ended: 08-03-2020
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Artist Specs
Name: Anthony Colard Location: Royal Oak, MI Website/FB: The Modern Racer

Anthony is a french designer who recently emigrated to the US to join Ford Motor Company. He's always had a passion for motorsports, his grandfather being a pilot and his father working for the Team Kawasaki France. He started tinkering with cars in 2011 while living in Germany and going to the Nürburgring almost every weekend, where he would watch the old RSRs and other vintage cars battle during the Oldtimer GrandPrix. His passion for cars has now extended to restoring a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda.

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