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Runnin' Rich

by Paul Dumitru

A balanced life is the only life. The only law you abide by is the Ideal Gas Law. Your weekly lotto number is 147. Your life isn't about chasing benjamins, your quest is for HP.

Shirt Color: Rich Black Soot
Sale ended: 05-05-2014
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Runnin' Rich
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by Dino Pros
Artist Specs
  • Name: Paul Dumitru
  • Location: Romania
Artist Profile
Paul was born in Romania, Brasov county, within driving distance of Dracula's castle and the Transfagarasan highway. He's currently studying Automotive Engineering and he's part of a Formula SAE team. Despite being in his first year there, they foolishly charged him with turbocharging the small 600cc engine (no pun intended). He learned to drive a tractor before he ever drove a car and is now saving up to buy an E36.