Shake It Up

by Pete Clarke
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Like how a waxed-moustache mixologist incorporates booze, juice, and bitters, so too does this Italian rally hero combine two forms of boost, AWD, and a mid engine. Put it in a shaker, and you get one of the tastiest martinis to come out of Group B.
Sale ended: 02-19-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Pete Clarke Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom Website/FB: Autodraw

Pete Clarke is an Automotive Designer who currently works for HVS developing a range of Hydrogen powered commercial trucks and vans for the Euro market. After gaining a Masters in Automotive Design from Coventry University, Pete’s career began with Marcos Sportcars developing the V8 TSO, before moving to the opposite site of the automotive spectrum, developing all-electric commercial vehicles with UK innovators; Modec. After they were was taken over by US Truck giants, Pete’s career led into the concept vehicle world, involving various hypercars, military and commercial vehicles, hydrogen-propelled aircraft and various electric vehicles involving Fiat & Volkswagen, before moving into the field of Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. When not at the day job, Creative Combined offers freedom to explore new subject matter in his own time – mostly done when his two excitable kids have gone to bed. Original works often start out life as pencil sketches, developed further with oil & marker and finally progressed digitally via a Wacom pen tablet, photoshop and various other digital tools. Pete currently has a Volvo XC90 as the family wagon, and a slightly less practical 1969 Fiat 500 project car. Pete also loves his football, albeit this affection is tested each week by his team; Nottingham Forest.

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