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Sketchbook Suka

by Brandon Voong
If you had to sketch out Godzilla, you wouldn't expect it to look similar to this. Granted, this is the predecessor to the monster, but they say you can find some of the best things in small boxes. And you can trace the lineage of race victories right back to this Suka.
Shirt Color: Almost godzilla grey
Sale ended: 06-04-2019
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Sketchbook Suka
Frequent Flyer
by Anthony McClinton
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Artist Profile
Often times one can spot Brandon hunching over his desk forming the golden ratio doing product design or sketching cars. When he's low on fuel his body unwinds and slinkys his way to the fridge for some matcha ice-cream where he tops off. His dream one day is to work with major automotive companies on the creative side, but in the mean time he continues to practice to level up.