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Sky's the Limiter

by Markus Lewtschuk
Back in the day of the original Napster, you mighta thought you were special with a Pentium 4 in your computer and a Palm V in your pocket. But if you really wanted to be cutting edge, you woulda been in an R34, and the sky was the limiter.

Idea by Jordan Wickett
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Tags: City, Fuji, GTR, R34, Skyline, Tokyo
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Sky's the Limiter
El Bug
by team blipshift
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Markus Lewtschuk
  • Location: Monerey, CA
Artist Profile
Founder and operator of his own design agency Area5100, Markus is well spoken in the language of the craft. In addition to creating awesome art, Markus uses the freedom of his home office and proximity to Laguna Seca to appease his automotive and autocross obsession... read more!
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