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Tags: blipshift, eco, ford, hypermiling, jump, mpg, offroad, raptor, tshirt

Smiles Per Gallon

by Anthony McClinton
Forget MPGs, you get SPGs. You eat hybrids for lunch, diesels for snack time, and wash it all down with a tall pump of premium.

Hit the Eco switch to trigger the flame throwers hoss!


Shirt Color: Blue Oval Royal
Sale ended: 01-16-2014
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Anthony McClinton

  • Location: AZ

Artist Profile
Anthony is a Mechanical Engineering student at Northern Arizona University. When not studying, thinking up clever new designs for tees or otherwise working he can be found shredding the mountain bike trails around town, hiking the mountain, or going for a drive down the switchbacks in his Impreza.