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Smoking Permitted III

by Harris Lue
One part Nordic flavor plus two parts clouds of smoke and what do you get? Nope, not cooking meatballs. You've got a Swedish wagon sliding its tail end around in full oppo.
Shirt Color: Longroof Brown
Sale ended: 07-17-2017
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The Final Lap
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Smoking Permitted III
Hopped & Loaded
by Aaron Hillsdon
Artist Specs
  • Name: Harris Lue
  • Location: Oxford, NC
  • Website/FB: Lue Design
Artist Profile
Harris is a 2014 graduate of East Carolina University and is currently working as Graphic Designer and Photographer for Late Model Restoration in Hewitt, Texas. From track day driver to stock car crew member he's experienced behind the wheel, the wrench, the camera, and most importantly, the pen tool. He currently daily drives a convertible 1987 Mustang GT and also owns a restored and modified 1993 Mustang LX complete with a 2.3L Turbo swap, which he says are only the beginning of his Mustang collection!
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