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Spark Rehab

by team blipshift
Your friends are worried about you. You used to be just like them. Now they don't understand you. But you're not going back. With so much grunt and stamina, you've sworn off the spark forever.

Step 12 of the program is to wear this shirt.
Shirt Color: Blue puff of smoke
Sale ended: 05-09-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift
  • Location: NY
The Skinny
Your uncle tells you stories of the good ol' days. Giant black exhaust cloud, comforting rumble in the seat and that clatter, oh that clatter. You can get them a little cleaner, a few dbs quieter and perhaps even way faster (we're looking at you R18) but one thing that hasn't changed is the torquey goodness of diesel Blipshift logo on lower left side.