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SSSS Curves II

by Jasen Ross
It'sss a ssslippery ssslope of ssscreaming ssseriously fassst Ssss curvesss and cornersss! Don't oversssstep your boundsss or thisss sssnake will ssseep itsss fangsss deep into your sssoul. Two wheelsss or four, sssee if you can tame thisss beassst.
Shirt Color: Snake Bite Red
Sale ended: 06-03-2018
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The Final Lap
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SSSS Curves II
GC8 Track
by Zach Kamstra
Artist Specs
  • Name: Jasen Ross
  • Location: Gardena, CA
Artist Profile
Jasen is an aerospace technician having worked on space power systems for 17 years and is a big Ford fox-body guy. He has an '85 Ford LTD LX and Ford Mustang GT. He likes the corner carvers.