St. Enzo II

by Team Blipshift
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Your horses prance. Your blood runs rosso. You turn to Maranello to pray several times a day. Your siren's song is the screaming of a high-revving v8 beneath red crackle-finished intakes. You introduce yourself as La Me. Your kids are named Kimi and Sebastian. You are a Fanboi.

Shirt Color: Grigio Scuro
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St. Enzo II
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Team Blipshift
  • Location: NY
Artist Profile
Your friends call you a Fanboi. Are they wrong? Hells no. If these Italian beauties could make a white jacket wearing Crocket or a dude with a ginormous 'stache in a Hawaiian shirt look cool, you're all in. Not to mention that guy named Sebastian. Heck, if it weren't German, you'd call yourself an über Fanboi.