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Tags: camber, coilovers, coils, dampers, shocks, springs, suspension

Stay Negative

by Paul Dumitru
Seeing the negative in every situation is not a bad thing. Positive, it's not always a positive. A negative outcome leads to (-) lap times. Scrub mid-corner?... you're too positive man. Negativity is the key PBs. 
Shirt Color: Cambered Blue
Sale ended: 08-27-2015
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Paul Dumitru

  • Location: Romania

Artist Profile
Paul was born in Romania, Brasov county, within driving distance of Dracula's castle and the Transfagarasan highway. He's currently studying Automotive Engineering and he's part of a Formula SAE team. He learned to drive a tractor before he ever drove a car and is now saving up to buy an E36.