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Stay Tuned!

by Matthew Zacherle
We interrupt your current drive to bring you an urgent influx of power. You may experience higher pressures and temperatures during this interruption. Stay tuned for more.
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Shirt Color: White noise snow
Posters: What's the deal?
Tags: boost, mods, tuning, tv, vintage
Artist Specs
  • Name: Matthew Zacherle
  • Location: Richmond, VA
Artist Profile
Matt is just a big car kid who's been gearing up his whole life to be a car fanatic. He rev-eled in his youth the poster cars on his walls, which fueled his desire to draw his own. As a grown up kid, he has gotten his big brake in life as an Industrial Designer but occasionally shifts his talents to graphic art. When not at the autocross, playing in the twisties, or just enjoying a short drive to just about anywhere in his JCW MINI, he is living at the apex of his life with his family. Oh, and he never tires of a good, but usually terrible, pun every now and again.
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