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Suave Six

by Tom Galla
How to achieve balance in your life: 
1) Get your priorities in line
5) Punctuality and timing are important
3) Try a new angle to problems
6) Don't transverse unnecessary paths
2) Dismiss pressure to change
4) Indulge your musical side
Shirt Color: Engine Block Grey
Sale ended: 05-24-2016
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Suave Six
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Tom Galla
  • Location: Arlington Heights, IN
Artist Profile
Tom works for a German auto supplier and spends most of his day making car parts available to the aftermarket. Even though Tom spends his day working with parts, he shares a great passion for design and tinkering on his cars. Over the years, he has owned a variety of enthusiast cars including several WRXs, an e36 BMW M3, a Nissan 350z and a VW GTI.
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