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Summer of Mumblish

by team blipshift

Maybe you fell asleep the first two times you took the class. Or you told the prof, "leavemealoneiknowwhatimdoing" when you really didn't. Whatever the reason, you're in summer school for third go at Mumblish. Remember, class on Sunday (optional study groups Thurs-Sat).

Shirt Color: Team colors black
Sale ended: 05-27-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift
  • Location: NY
The Skinny
Why would you restomod something more than once? Isn't it clear with mumblemumble kimi and Mumblish 101 what I'm saying? Good questions, both of them. Here is the thing. You know that dude who just doesn't shut up at work/office/class (condition known as JDSS, or Just Don't Shut up Syndrome)? The guy who turns his trip to the bathroom into a 90 minute long saga about his conquering the evil forces of the toilet paper mafia. Well, it's really about time someone stood up for your comrades and declared that enough is enough. Armed with a full quiver of "leavemealoneiknowwhatimdoing" you can be the team hero and deliver a strong dose of anti-JDSS serum. Btw, if you happen to be the guy with JDSS, you could probably use some Summer of Mumblish too 'cuz really, you don't need anyone breaking into your story about how you would have had the idea for Facebook first were it not for the woman in front of you taking too long finding exact change at the burrito shack. Blipshift logo on side seam.Women's sizes available.