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Swede Steed

by Dave Barton
Sure a horse might be majestic and photogenic but if you really want to prance around in the land of ice and snow you'd be better off with something more native to the territory. Try a Scandinavian Flick with the wrong car and bang. Off to the glue factory. That's why this is moose country.
Shirt Color: Heather the Storm
Sale ended: 10-09-2016
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Swede Steed
Disposable Income
by team blipshift
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Artist Profile
The Prancing Moose was envisioned by Dave as he strolled through the LA Car Show in 2005. It was intended as a simple parody of the Ferrari horse and its first public appearance turned up in the spring of 2005 on his Volvo Turbo wagon at a large Euro car event in SoCal. Dave never meant for it to be something he would ever offer to others (or that others would really want), but the Prancing Moose soon became sought after by car enthusiasts all over the world. Dave has been an avid Volvo hobbyist for the last 25 years and now calls north Texas his home.