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Swedish Racing Green II

by Daniel Boer
Wait, a Phillips head screwdriver? But there's only one piece to this!? Eh, I'll take my 50 cent hotdog and meatballs to go please. Time to jump the frozen lake and pulse my way over to that Scandinavian shade of green.
Shirt Color: Pulsing Star White
Sale ended: 11-30-2015
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The Final Lap
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Swedish Racing Green II
Cage Against The Machine
by Tomo Pattison
Artist Specs
  • Name: Daniel Boer
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
Artist Profile
Daniel is a 4th year Business student at VIU on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. He's majoring in Marketing, and has always enjoyed messing around with design. His love of cars comes from his Dad, as does his interest in BMWs (in fact, he bought his project E30 and has many changes in store). He's also growing to love motorcycles, and enjoys touring beautiful Vancouver Island when the weather is nice. You can find him playing old school Nintendo 64 with friends when the weather is not nice.