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Tail Happy

by Cameron Pace
When little kids get their first dirt bike their parents throw that huge orange flag off the back so they could be seen. Once you're older that flag gets replaced with a solid stream of dirt. Then it becomes a competition to see who's got the bigger tail and no one's afraid to ruffle any feathers. Grab a fist full of throttle and let that soil fly.
Shirt Color: Sand Spray
Sale ended: 09-14-2016
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Tail Happy
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Cameron Pace
  • Location: Landrum, SC
Artist Profile
Cam works on all kinds of automotive programs, which requires a lot of traveling. When he's not traveling he enjoys riding motorcycles and almost anything to do with cars. He loves working on and making videos about his cousin's built 1989 Thunderbird Super Coupe, which you can find videos of on his Youtube channel.