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Take A Stab

by Cameron Pace
Ah, the ole screwdriver trick. The bane of the beginning mechanic, a right of passage. If your oil filter is tighter than the bond between you and your car, head for the toolbox and start hoping. You might end up screwed, though.
Shirt Color: Dark Chance Of It Working Black
Sale ended: 05-24-2018
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The Final Lap
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Take A Stab
Hawky Little Trees
by Erin Carr
Artist Specs
  • Name: Cameron Pace
  • Location: South Carolina
Artist Profile
Cam loved art class in high school, but after college he ended up in the auto industry. Time passed and he wanted to express his ideas, which led him to discover vector graphics. When he's not traveling for work or wrenching, he enjoys coming up with unique designs that combine his interests of automobiles/motorcycles and art.