That's A Paddlin'

by Richard Viard
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With a name that would give a Scripps finalist a headache, this dual clutch makes up for it by predicting the future. Seriously, the name probably translates to wizardry in German because that's what this gearbox does - it sees the future. Normally automatics are worth a paddlin', but this one is really something special.
Shirt Color: Maximum shift attack black
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That's A Paddlin'
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Richard Viard
  • Location: Holliston, MA
Artist Profile
French-native Richard Viard inherited the car bug from his father who owned several Alfas and Porsches. Other than autocrossing or tracking his 1995 911, Richard's hobbies include photography, videography, drawing, and music. Richard studied at Berklee College of Music and pursued a career in music for many years to later focus on technology and web applications.