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Tags: hoonigan, hooning, The hoon

The Hoon ii

by Dave Fowler
After an epic day of hooning in front of thousands of fans, you're partying with your groupies, breaking furniture and could end up on the sidewalk passed out in a puddle of your own vomit. Ok, maybe not... And all that rubber you laid down in the supermarket parking lot at 2am was only witnessed by your best bud. But you still feel like a rockstar.
Shirt Color: Used motor oil
Sale ended: 12-01-2014
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Dave Fowler

  • Location: Columbus, OH

  • Website/FB: Dave Fowler

Artist Profile
Dave Fowler is a graphic designer and car guy from Columbus, Ohio. When he isn't sitting on his ass in front of a computer, or behind a drum set, you can find him seated comfortably behind the wheel of his Audi.