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The Last LaF

by Zalman Wainhaus
Sure Woking and Zuffenhausen strutted their stuff when it came to the hypercar showdown. "I've got the fastest ring time." "I've got the best aero." Well, he who laughs last, LaFs the loudest.
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Tags: ferrari, hybrid, hypercar, laferrari, maranello, race, rosso, v12
Artist Specs
  • Name: Zalman Wainhaus
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Website/FB: Zwainhaus
Artist Profile
Zalman is a graphic/web designer and a crazy car fanatic from Phoenix, Arizona. A huge source of his artistic inspiration comes from the world of auto design, where, according to Zalman, "Form and function can fuse together in such amazing, breathtaking ways... that's the essence of art." Visit his site, and make sure to check out his work on Dribble. With dreams of one day owning a McLaren P1, Zalman is currently rocking a Honda Accord, which is basically the same except for in every way possible.
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