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Toasted Brakes II

by Aaron Krott
After a solid session on track the validation comes in many forms. A bit of smoke makes its way through the spokes of your wheel, the smell of burnt rubber and powdered steel seal the deal. Get the most out of your morning with Toasted Brakes and stop hunger dead in its tracks.
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Shirt Color: Off color DOT4 Blue
Posters: What's the deal?
Tags: Brake, Brakes, Cereal, parody, Punny, Rotor, Track Days
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The Final Lap
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Toasted Brakes II
Air Metal
by Steven Thomas
Artist Specs
  • Name: Aaron Krott
  • Location: Temperance, MI
Artist Profile
By day Aaron is a Product Line Director for a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier but outside of the corporate world you can find him pursuing his many passions like, graphic design, singing/songwriting, video production, and driving his VW R32 around a local racetrack with the Audi Club of North America. He's currently the media guy for country singer Johnny Rowlett and has had two of his music videos nominated for awards, including this song about the restoration of a 1969 Mach One Mustang.
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