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Looking for success at the track? Come prepared. That goes for hanging out at the track too 'cause we can all agree that if you've ended up on a bleacher bench cold, wet and hungry, you're not #winning. So next time you head out to the promised racing-land, make sure you're geared up appropriately with the Track Pack Gift Set. It's an $86 value with all the essentials for a day out including:

  • Ultra high quality Drawstring Sport Sack made of 1680 high density nylon, incorporating an earbud slot as well as multiple pockets perfect for holding all your nomex undies, camera gear, and a weekend's worth of track day clothing!
  • Navy blue Stormtech® Poncho Quite obviously water resistant (or else what was the point?!?), snap down sided shell and draw strung hood will keep you nice and dry as you change out that I-can't-believe-it-blew-again headgasket. When the rain stops, roll that sucker up into it's pouch and save for the next rainy track day.
  • 18oz Klean Kanteen® stainless steel water bottle complete with high flow silicone "chirp" free sport cap. Chirp tires, not water.
  • Two sets of high quality decibel beatin' Laser Lite® earbuds! Perfect for ignoring your teammates or that group pitted next to you makin' excuses. Make. It. Stop.
  • 2x blipshift stickers Easily doubles as helmet patch swag for your plain black or white helmet.
  • A $15 BS gift card so your torso can continue to Apex Everything in 2016 with your choice of a future tee.
Ships by Xmas (US only)
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